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Clarity Singapore is a charity that provides services to persons with mental health issues to help them lead meaningful lives through support, acceptance and recovery.

Through our services, we aim to help anyone from all walks of life who are struggling with mental health conditions including anxiety, depression, trauma, pre- and post-natal mental struggles, stress, bereavement and loss and other emotional issues.

Here are some of our beneficiaries’ stories.
*Name has been changed to maintain confidentiality


6 days post-partum, I walked into my doctor's office for a physical check-up and ended up bursting into tears before my doctor finished her first sentence. It was a rollercoaster ride for me as a new mother - I was dealing with breastfeeding issues (low milk volume and difficulty latching) as well as the stress of living with a helper while trying to navigate my daughter's caregiving. I have not changed a diaper before (l think) and was wholly unprepared for how inadequate having to learn all these new skills of caring for a baby made me feel at the start.

My therapist at Clarity Singapore listened and talked me through what I was facing. She helped normalise a lot of my experiences, which I found overwhelming, and shared many techniques I could try to regain my agency. Beyond the skills and techniques we talked about, it was a deeply humanising process for me.

I would highly recommend therapy to all who may or may not feel they need it. I was glad that my doctor recommended I see a therapist immediately. And if anything, I would like to normalise the tumultuous first few weeks/months post-partum (for reference, I only felt more in control past the 6-month mark!) and encourage all new mothers (and fathers) to seek all the help that is available to them. Being a new parent is difficult and it is a shame that we don't discuss the tougher side of parenting more if only to better prepare new parents for what they are about to face. Parenting is a great and wonderful gift of God and I am convinced all the more that we were never meant to struggle through it alone.

– Faith, 33 years old

I came to Clarity Singapore feeling extremely unstable, I didn’t know what I wanted or needed. I just felt sad and wanted to escape reality so bad. Then I met my therapist and she has been so, so amazing in this journey. She was very patient with me throughout and was able to draw out a lot of strengths in me throughout the entire process. She taught me a lot of relaxation techniques to ground myself and made me realise a lot of things that I never thought I would realise. She helped me grow a lot personally and I’m eternally grateful to her.

– Anna*, 24 years old

I have a sounding board, someone to talk to and who was able to help me re-assess my perspectives and identify my blind spots so that I can get rid of negative thought patterns. This is my second time at Clarity Singapore. I appreciate that it provides affordable mental health care because something as critical as mental health should be accessible to more people.

– Mary*, 27 years old

Taking the first step is always scary, but I'm glad I did and Clarity Singapore has provided me with a safe space to do so. The therapy sessions were tailored to my needs and helped me cope better with situations back home. My therapist was patient with me and helped me understand myself better. She also taught me various techniques to calm myself/cope with different situations at home and work. She also offered to speak to my mum to address the concerns that I had. Through the sessions, I not only understand myself better but my mental health is also in a better place and my life has improved. I wish to thank Clarity Singapore and my therapist.

– Denise*, 23 years old

My therapist was kind, understanding and professional. I am grateful for having learned skills that have helped me cope with the various situations and mental states that I face, learn self-compassion, how to interact with others and manage my emotional state. It has not always been an easy journey, but I am thankful that I have been making progress – which is the most important thing!

– Tom*, 27 years old

When I came to Clarity Singapore (at a friend's recommendation), I was severely traumatised. By that, I meant I couldn't go a single session with my therapist without some kind of heavy sobbing involved. I was being traumatised on a weekly basis by my parents but going to therapy gave me the strength and willingness to establish boundaries and cut off my abusers, both familial and relationship-wise. Back then, I was very depressed and at some point, considered killing myself.

My therapist taught me coping techniques and provided a sympathetic listening ear for my troubles, and that told me that I was worth something and that I wasn't unreasonable or crazy for wanting not to put up with abuse. Now, about a year plus after I started therapy, I'm much healthier, more confident in my ability to establish boundaries and live in a place where I feel respected and happy. While I wouldn't say that I do not have bad days (mostly at work), I can confidently say this is the happiest I've been in my (very unhappy) life.

– Rachel*, 22 years old

The regular check-ins [with my therapist] helped me to be positive and changed my negative thinking. It was very helpful to see that my thinking was skewed and that it had led to much of my stress. I still have to practise as I have a habit of worrying excessively about future events. I also found the EMDR therapy useful for some memories that have troubled me deep down and were the root of some problematic beliefs I had about others. I like many of the coping techniques taught throughout my sessions, even though I was sceptical at first. I definitely feel much more positive day to day now than before I began my journey with Clarity Singapore.

– Julianna*, 29 years old

I am deeply grateful for having met my therapist at Clarity Singapore in this lifetime — I often think if it was not for her, I wouldn’t be here today. The sessions with her and having her support have contributed greatly to my self-growth and -development, knowing that there's someone who has my back, believes in me and never judges my thoughts, actions and feelings. Once again, I thank my therapist. I want her to know that she has made a difference in my life and that her positivity will always inspire me to do better, knowing that I can be better.

– Suzanne*, 28 years old

Therapy with Clarity Singapore has helped me feel more confident about myself, being equipped with the mental toolkit. The complete honesty exercise from the mental toolkit has helped me during times when I feel overwhelmed. Therapy has also helped me stop my negative automatic thoughts and manage the symptoms of schizophrenia.

– Jane*, 26 years old

I was the one patient who had the highest number of sessions with my therapist. She didn't give up on me. It was a journey that has helped me improve and start performing daily activities, like going out or even just going to the bathroom. I would use the methods and skills that my therapist has taught me to do whenever I am in an unsafe or uncomfortable situation. I would definitely recommend my therapist at Clarity Singapore to my friends and family.

– Lynn, 21 years old

Clarity Singapore is a charity with IPC status. We are a member of the Singapore National Council of Social Services (NCSS) and one of the 28 member organisations under Caritas Singapore (the social mission and community arm of the Catholic Church in Singapore). We were awarded the Charity Transparency award from 2016 to 2019.

To deliver mental health interventions to the community, we work with partners like the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC), Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) THRIVE and the Institute of Mental Health (IMH).

If you or a loved one require support for a mental health challenge, you may wish to reach out to us here.

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