#WalkforClarity: Healthy Mind & Body

Join us on an uplifting journey towards holistic wellbeing. #WalkforClarity is more than just a walkathon - it aims to inspire individuals, families and communities to focus on our mental health, manage it with the same importance as our physical health. We can foster a nurturing environment where seeking therapy is less stigmatized, and everyone is empowered to take proactive steps towards a healthier life.
Why #WalkforClarity?

Embrace Mental Health: You can motivate people around you to recognize mental wellbeing as an essential aspect of our life by embarking on healthy activities. Together, we can create a culture that values and encourages psychological wellbeing, breaking down the barriers to receive mental health care.

Empower Mothers: We believe in empowering mothers to focus on their wellbeing. Pregnancy and the perinatal period bring on unique challenges. By uplifting mothers, we help them understand the benefits of improved maternal mental health for both themselves and babies, and supporting them to navigate this transformative journey.

Normalize Psychological Wellbeing: Discussing openly our own mental health can help others to feel comfortable about their own mental state. Participants can inspire others by leading a balanced lifestyle, expressing solidarity with others and promoting good causes to increase understanding of mental health.
Gather your friends and register! You can choose your route and walk whenever you like, as an individual or team.
Share your profile page and walking goals with your loved ones. Tell them why you care about mental health.
Clock the longest distance or raise the most donations to win incredible prizes worth over $3,000!
Join the Good Cause!

Every step you take and every dollar you donate will help us create a culture where mental health is normalised and prioritised. Let’s make a difference to support someone, uplift our loved ones and walk towards a positive overall wellbeing.

Our community, especially the less privileged and vulnerable individuals, will have access to quality therapy and resources because of your support. Read more about our charitable work.
Registration closes 1 Sep
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